The “Cube d’Énergie”, a solar water heater

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Energy consumption at our campsites increases considerably during the summer months.

We had to find an innovative and ecological solution to meet our customers’ electricity needs for their accommodation (hot water, air conditioning, etc.) and throughout their stay (recharging electric vehicles, cars and bikes) while keeping a close eye on our overall electricity consumption.

This has been achieved thanks to the Cube d’Énergie, a shared, high-performance solar water heater. Water is heated continuously throughout the day and covers almost all the hot water needs of the connected accommodation. This allows us to distribute our power to other campsite facilities and services.

We have connected a Cube d’Énergie to 6 mobile homes at Domaine de La Yole and are planning to install 2 Cubes d’Énergie at Domaine de Fonrives in 2023.

In concrete terms, the Cube d’Énergie ensures:

  • a better distribution of electricity consumption,
  • the use of an alternative energy source,
  • a solution that is easy to implement and fits perfectly into the campsite landscape.

This initiative owes its thanks to Rémi Laronde and 2 participating group brands:

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Rémi Laronde

As Remi, our ECG Support Purchasing Manager, says:

“This represents a major opportunity to capitalise on solar energy for existing mobile homes that are not pre-equipped with solar panels.”