Ozonated water to clean mobile homes

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Ozonated water is an effective, safe and environmentally friendly alternative for cleaning and disinfection. Adding ozone to tap water creates an oxidising solution that eliminates odours, germs, bacteria… Ozonated water is as powerful as bleach, but without the nasty smell and toxic residues.

Starting in 2021, we have been progressively replacing our campsites’ cleaning and disinfection products with ozonated water. By doing so, our teams don’t have to handle or be in contact with products that are harmful to their health.

Technically, installing the device is easy. It just involves connecting a small ozonation system to the main water system.

This innovative project is being overseen by Nicolas Varvatis and 2 of the group’s brands

ECG Support
Marvilla Parks
Nicolas Varvatis
Nicolas, Operations Manager of partner campsites, says:

“Fewer chemicals? This a very positive step to help preserve the planet and protect our teams’ health.”